Family life that organises itself©

A single place for juggling the never-ending jigsaw puzzle that is working family life.

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Shared schedule, shared reminders and auto-magic warnings before something goes wrong.

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Works with one child. Two or more kids?

Simple and clear

Overwhelmed with messy noisy shared calendars? Our Canary schedule shows you just the stuff that’s important for family life - who needs to be where - at a glance.

Your personal view shows you exactly what kid duties you need to be on top of, and who’s covering everything else.

No more surprises

While life happens and things change, Our Canary checks to make sure all your kid’s activities are covered and warns you if they’re not.

Something new in your diary that means you partner has to cover swimming lessons? We’ll tell them automatically and update the family schedule.

Manage life on the fly

Our Canary is always with you - no more waiting to get home from work to ‘do the diaries’.

Set reminders for each other when you think of them, and get updates to your phone when things are in hand.

Get started in seconds

Our Canary lives in Facebook Messenger - there’s no app to install and nothing to pay for.

Our Canary works with iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook. So wherever your stuff is you can send it to us and we’ll add it to the schedule.

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