What’s your thing with canaries anyway?

Naming things in a meaningful way is hard. Babies, pets, types of lego bricks that your 5yo is desperate to find but you have no clue what a ‘flat glowy two-er with a slidy-part’ looks like (in case you’re wondering, in our house that’s this but in translucent neon yellow).

01 Apr 2019

The Our Canary Story

This 5 year old little lovely is Super Lady. Super Lady comes out on special occasions, like parties, or when called upon to face big challenges, like y’know tasting barley for the first time or using a noisy hand drier.

22 Oct 2018

Nine tips to prevent parent fail

We’ve all been there. Life is busy for us parents, some would say organised chaos. Stuff going wrong is an inevitable part of day to day working parent stress. But with a few subtle changes we can try to head off problems before they happen. But what can we do?

10 Oct 2018

Parent Self Care

We’re all familiar with the idea that unless we look after ourselves as parents, we’re not gonna be the best we can be for our little ones. But is it realistic to simply order yourself a time out to ‘take time for you’, ‘take up a new hobby’ or ‘implement a luxurious nighttime skincare routine’?