22 Oct 2018 • by Lisa

Nine tips to prevent parent fail

We’ve all been there. Life is busy for us parents, some would say organised chaos. Stuff going wrong is an inevitable part of day to day working parent stress. But with a few subtle changes we can try to head off problems before they happen. But what can we do?

  1. Stay in touch with each other

    Perhaps even OVER Communicate – Communicating regularly and effectively will go a long way in managing your home life. Pick one tool, like a WhatsApp family group chat, and stick to it so you know where to look for the latest info. Much simpler than searching across emails, texts and chats when you’re trying to find something.

  2. Delegate

    It can be overwhelming to be the one person in charge of everything. Its not the 1950s anymore – both parents tend to share the responsibility of every day chores and things to be done. You’re a team and sharing responsibility, compromising and working together will benefit your relationship.

  3. Set reminders for yourself and each other

    Use an app with notifications to help you not forget your to-dos and don’t-forgets. Set them for other people who you need to do stuff for the family. You don’t always need technology for this – use post-it notes, have a chalkboard in a prominent place in your home. Make it fun!

  4. Peek in to the school bags as soon as you get through the door

    Those things are black holes for useful information like letters and invites, and schools don’t always give you a lot of notice for getting that fancy dress sorted or craft project done. Give yourself as much chance as possible!

  5. Get a shared family schedule

    Have one obvious place for info about who’s doing what - keep it somewhere visible and make it easy to see everything in one go. The fridge is a tried-and-tested place! Or if you’d rather something that lives on your phone check out family organising apps like Our Canary.

  6. Keep all timetables for clubs, school, party invites, letters etc. in one place

    Maybe ask one of the kids to make and design a folder for you to place all those extra things inside. A family hub in a corner of the kitchen is a popular central place to keep all this extra info.

  7. Review the week ahead on Thursday evening

    Dedicate half an hour over a cup of tea or glass of wine to scan over the following weeks activities and appointments. Try to avoid doing this on a Sunday as you have no time to prepare or fix any problems coming down the road.

  8. Tell your work colleagues in advance if you’re leaving early

    If your kid’s dentist appointment is creeping up, give your colleagues plenty of notice that you will be leaving early. This will help avoid the stress with last minute queries tasks - leaving fifteen minutes later than planned is never fun.

  9. Make it easy for other people to help you

    Set up group communication with family or other parents, like WhatsApp, make it easy for them to remind you of things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help - trading favours with other families is a great system, and makes it that bit easier to find a babysitter next time you’re heading out for cocktails.

    Bonus tip!

  10. Don’t be too hard on yourself

    Parenting is tough, and juggling work and family life is even tougher. Stress and problems will happen - we’re all human, not robots! We’ve all been there (Elsa from Frozen costume last World Book Day anyone?) Whatever happens, remember you’re not alone. You’re doing a great job. Promise.

How Our Canary can help

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